stray thoughts, pt. 1

On Solaris:

Overwhelmingly emotional. Excruciatingly existential. Eternally cinematic. A lingering, haunting piece of art that imbeds itself in the human consciousness like a bottle of liquid nitrogen to the bloodstream. The waves swirl, the water falls, and we, on Earth, keep trying. To breathe another day. To touch the intangible. To know the unknowable.


On L’argent:

  1. The exchange of money between hands has never been more transcendent, more tangible.
  2. Doors are perhaps cinema’s greatest image.
  3. Quite possibly the best final shot of a final film by any filmmaker, ever.
  4. No director has any right to be this good.


On Carol:

How does it feel to fall in love?

Like the brush of a manicured hand against the skin of your shoulder. Or, the smell of perfume as it mixes with the hollow of her neck.

Like a photograph developing, at once impossibly blurry, and startlingly clear.

Or maybe it’s the curve of her cheek. The ache within your bones. A drive into a tunnel, a smile across a crowded room.

How does it feel to fall in love?

It feels a lot like watching Carol.


On Days of Heaven:

A hazy, languid dream of heaven and fire. Wheat grass dancing like waves. A lonely house isolated in the world. Trains to nowhere, and trains to everywhere. Maybe, just maybe, there’s somewhere out there for all of us.


On Red Desert:

Eraserhead‘s spiritual predecessor. An existential wail of cinema. Humanity lost in the fog. Vast, uncompromising emptiness threatening to swallow you whole. An alien landscape disguised as Earth. My skin in crawling.


On E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial:

Simply magic.

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